Julia Veuillet (1991) is a Swiss product & industrial designer, based in Geneva. 

After graduating from a Bachelor degree in the field of fine-art at HEAD in Geneva, she completed a Master degree in furniture design at Elisava (Pompeu Fabra) in Barcelona. 

She gained professional experience through two internships, with the designers Adolfo Abejón (Barcelona) and Constantinos Hoursoglou (Geneva), and decided thereafter to open her own design studio in 2018. 

Julia Veuillet’s work is driven by the will of expressing in a subtle and elegant way the result of an observation of the everyday life. 

Each object has its own language, story and value (sentimental or financial).  It can fulfil its purpose its whole life, or have different uses given by its user. It can belong to 1, 10, 100 people, live very short to very long lives. It can recall memories, be social, even political. It can make a difference or be unnoticeable in a given space. It can be essential, or simply decorative. 

Each object is made of sculptural shapes, that fill empty spaces. 

Each object communicate with one another, creating an atmosphere in a space, influencing the way we feel.

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